Workshop and Talk at UVa ETSII

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Yesterday we gave a talk at University of Valladolid Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering. This talk tried to solve common doubts among students who want to start up a Videogame Company. We encouraged them in being more flexible, multidisciplinar, and make real efforts in self formation.


In this line, in the very same day , from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. we complemented the talk with a Blender workshop. We had more than a hundred attendants in the morning and sixty in the afternoon event.


Next, we are posting all materials and links we’ve used yesterday for those who couldn’t attend or hadn’t time enough to accomplish the workshop. You can post all your doubts, questions, constructive criticism, recommendations, encouragement or whatever related to this topic which is in your mind. We will answer each question the best we can. There is no problem if you couldn’t attend to the activity and you want to follow this tutorial and solve your questions in this post, you are welcome.

Talk about Enterpreneurship and Videoames

Tutorial The Tower in PDF.

We are very proud of our attendants and their progression. Most of them had never used 3D design software and they learnt some basic functionalities, hot keys and 3D navigation in few minutes. There was a very productive environment with working groups helping each other and trying to solve problems together.

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Thank you so much for your confidence and we sincerely hope we’ll have more opportunities to keep on working and learning together.

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The Rapture Games team.

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