Zarrapaster is a platform game in which a pussycat has to feed itself to survive (or to get fat…) in the streets. The streets are full of dirt, so the less dirty you become, the more score you will get. To win, you have to collect as much food as you can, but street dogs will try to hunt you down. For each dog you can defeat you will receive some coins. With this coins you can buy items at the pet shop which will make the game easier.

The players can submit their score to a international ranking in which they can compare it with their friends’ scores. They also can save their game and restore it from another device, just with synchronizing with our game server whenever they want.

This game is planned to run on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS or WindowsPhone, but there is no problem to run it on desktop and laptop PC too. There are no restrictions when you want to switch your current device when you come at home and it’s more confortable to play on your PC or when you have to take a bus or a train, to continue playing your game wherever you left it.

Periodically, a new giant map will be available to download for the players who have finished the game, so they can play a new scene and get honor places on this map. The ranking will be ordered by geografic location, time elapsed to complete the level, score and/or food collected. So you can be the first gamer in your country completing a level and the rest of players will see your amazing and tuned cat avatar at the top of the list and your scores… don’t be bad, they probably will be jelous ;-P

We hope to get this game ready in next months, keep an eye on this thread!!

Opinions, suggestions, constructive criticism or just encouragement to keep on the same way are welcome. Feel free to contribute to make a better product or the game you would love to play.

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  1. FiuRy dice:

    La idea de poder jugar en todas las plataformas disponibles sin perder tus progresos en el juego es buenísima y promete. Cada vez son más los dispositivos que manejamos y se hace imprescindible poder disfrutar del software en todas ellas, sin perder nuestros progresos. Esperemos que llegue pronto el gato zarrapastroso.

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