“Kilo” operation 2012

The past 21th of December the Rapture Games team performed a fundraising among its members for "Kilo Operation", an iniciative which tries to get nonperishable food for families in Valladolid without basics in Christmas. Kilo Operation was coordinated by El Banco de Alimentos de Valladolid foundation. This nonprofit foundation is focused on gather in food and distribute it among needy in collaboration with another foundations and NGOs.

Here are some pictures taken on that day:

maletero1 banco_alimentos1 maletero2cupula_milenio

More pictures here.

This year we hope you join us in this campaign to make more effective our attempts and build, step by step, a more solidary and collaborative society, at least in this time of need. The transparency will be a priority. We will show you a counter in which you will see the donation amount and the update of your donation in real time and, when we purchase the buy, we will take photos of food and ticket to show you what we have acquired.

When the date is coming, we will re-open this thread and we will give you different options to collaborate or donate. Help us to concentrate all your efforts to be significant and to get to the more needed families.

Thank you 🙂

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  1. Miguel dice:

    Me parece un idea estupenda. Este tipo de cosas pueden ayudar a que rapture-games sea más conocida!

    Un saludo!

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