“Kilo” operation 2013

The past 19th of December, the Rapture Games team performed a fundraising among its members for "Kilo Operation", an iniciative which tries to get nonperishable food for families in Valladolid without basics in Christmas. Kilo Operation was coordinated by El Banco de Alimentos de Valladolid foundation. This nonprofit foundation is focused on gather in food and distribute it among needy in collaboration with another foundations and NGOs.

Here are some pictures of that day:

More pictures at Google + album.

This year we have collected money among friends and family and we have practically doubled the amount of money spent in non-perishable food. We have invested every euro in buy food and we have removed unnecessary expenditure in publicity. Our main focus is in help families who are living difficult times, so we have forgotten additional targets.

Maybe, the next year we could get more money with your collaboration. Lot's of little actions can mean a real difference for lots of people. We are working on make donations easier for you to give to the needy some support. Help us to help others.

Thank you!

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