Talk at Secondary School Cristo Rey

Today in the morning we have gave a talk about Enterpreneurship at Cristo Rey secondary school, Valladolid. The talk tried to motivate students of the last year to create their own bussiness. We also give them the oportunity of ask about their doubts and fears and the steps they have to take to found a company in Spain.

We belive that to foment enterpreneurship is one of the first steps we have to follow as society to build a better future. We have to fight our idiosyncrasy in being public workers and the fear to face new challenges or “not garanteed” jobs.

Cristo Rey talk 1Cristo Rey talk 2Cristo Rey talk 3

Thanks to Cristo Rey for giving us the oportunity of motivate the enterpreneurship among students and special thanks to professor Lourdes Benito for inviting us 🙂

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